Monday, October 25, 2010

Six Ideas to Finish October Strong

You have six days to go and you want more sales this month. So how can that be done? Here are some ideas.
  1. Host a home show.
  2. Take the catalogue around to a few people each day and take outside orders
  3. Focus on the 2 guest promotions
    1. Tealights – 3 boxes for $33. Only this month.
    2. Illuminescents Porcelain Fragrance Warmers– great present idea! Only $45. Only this month.
  4. Call your FRANK list
  5. Follow up on people who you’ve talked to or shown a catalogue to – let them know that you’re putting in an order
  6. Buy $165 in tealights yourself – that’s 15 boxes of tealights and you get 15% more for free. I calculate that with your 22% commission payment, these boxes only cost you $7.83 each. Bonus and they are even cheaper. :)

You’ve got nothing to lose. No matter what your results, it will be great practice, super for networking, and could get you some great results.

Get out there!

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