Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Things to do Before the Holiday Break

Before you tackle these things, make sure you've identified and separated work time and holiday time. We don't want you or your family thinking that you are not taking a well-deserved break.
  1. Unfinished business - Check all orders in the CBC and follow up with deliveries that have happened in the last fortnight. Make sure everyone is happy and correct any issues that arise.
  2. Take stock - Empty your kit, bring together all of the candle accessories and candles you've accumulated over the past year, and organise them.
  3. Clean - Whatever needs to be cleaned... clean.
  4. Decorate - Put out nice pieces to make your home look fabulous.
  5. Clear out - Create a pile of items you no longer want for your own use or your kit.
  6. Price - Make a list of the items you no longer want and note the retail price (I suggest using Excel). Decide how much you would sell each piece for. I usually sell used items for 40 to 60 percent off retail.
  7. Plan a home party in January - Pick a date now and let people know about it over the holidays. Sell your unwanted items to people who attend your home show.
  8. Organise your January kit - Include a few items being discontinued so you can promote the discontinued list at your shows. (I sometimes use only items being discontinued to create a sense of urgency.)
  9. Hostess Coach - Write a "thank you for booking" note to each of your January hosts and include a printout of the discontinued list.
  10. Hostess Coach - Email the January specials to each of your January hosts (once they are released).
I will be taking December 23rd through January 4th off, so I won't do these things then, but I have 3 days this week to get this list done. And I will....


  1. Get your Catalogues done with what is already sold out for your january shows. update before every show.
    Send the sold out lists to hostesses who are getting orders before their shows.
    Make sure you have orders forms etc all ready for January....
    grab a glass of wine and Merry Christmas