Friday, June 7, 2013

Change Your Perspective on Networking

How do I network? Will it pay off to network? I don't like to network. Networking is awkward. Networking is a waste of time. I'm too shy to network. I'm too busy to network.

Now... Replace the verb network with the phrase making friends.

How do I make new friends? Will it pay off to make new friends? I don't like to make new friends. Making new friends is awkward. Making new friends is a waste of time. I'm too shy to make new friends. I'm too busy to make new friends.

Hmmmm....  Is it really that similar? Making friends is personal. Networking is business. Right? Wrong. Developing personal relationships with new people and deepening those relationships over time creates friends.

Let's start with a really simple practice activity.

Before your next unit meeting, call another consultant in your unit and organise a time to meet for a coffee. (If you don't have a contact number, ask your unit leader.) Ask each other the following questions:

1. Where were you born? Where have you lived?
2. Where was your last holiday?
3. What do you like to eat when you eat out? Where?
4. What PartyLite products do you have on display at your house?
5. What are your favourite fragrances?
6. Do you need any help working on your PartyLite business?
7. Could we set up a catch up call or coffee every now and then to keep each other accountable? (Set up the next one.)

Getting to know someone better is a fundamental part of making friends (and networking). So go and try this out. Then tell your unit about it at your next unit meeting.

Stay tuned for more tips on making friends. :)

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