Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Use Retiring Products to Build Your Business

Twice a year, PartyLite refreshes our catalogue with new and exciting products. Catalogue launches are exciting and great opportunities to touch base with all of your clients.

But you must know that the two months before a catalogue launch are just as important. Marketed correctly, a retiring product list can be a real boost to your business.

The list of products being retired is a gold mine. Here's how I take advantage of it.

My Kit

My kit for June and July will be almost exclusively retiring products. This creates a sense of urgency for my clients and they will buy products now that they won't be able to get in August. ("Will they go on sale?" is often asked by my clients. The answer is, "Usually, no.")

HOT TIP: The Aurora Hurricane with a Glolite jar inside is simply so beautiful that I sell at least one at every party.

At the Party

Other than point out the retiring items in my kit, I actually don't worry too much about retiring products. I instruct my guests to make a list of everything they like on their wish list whether or not they plan on buying it. Then when they come up to me to place their order, I review their wish list and let them know if any of the items they like will be retiring. This gives them an opportunity to decide if they want it now.

HOT TIP: "Just so you know, the Songbird Tealight Holder will not be available after July. If you don't get it today, just be aware that you have until the end of next month...."

Customer Service Emails

My client list on the CBC is very big (I've been selling for 8 years now, so I have a lot of clients). However, I do have VIP clients. These people will get a personal email from me with a Retiring Accessories attachment. As PartyLite fans, I know they will appreciate receiving and read this email.

HOT TIP: Don't email them all at once. Email 5 at a time, then call them. Then email 5 more.

Customer Service Calls

The fragrances being retired will be inspiration for me to contact some clients. For example, it looks like the Scent 4Me (USB) and Scent 4U (Car) diffusers are being retired completely. Refills will be available for the Scent 4U, but the holders look like they're going away completely.

So what does this mean?

I LOVE both products and use them everyday. Don't you think I'd want refills for my S4Me before they are retired and gone forever? Of course I would. And people who use the S4U in their cars might want to buy another one for themselves, get refills, or have friends who want one, too. They're honestly the best smelling longest lasting car fragrances I've ever encountered, so why not offer?

That was only one example. I can look up a different retiring product every day. A different retiring fragrance every day and make a list of calls to make.

HOT TIP: French Vanilla, Honeydew, Sea Salt and Driftwood and Black Raspberry have been popular fragrances for a long time. As for Geranium Citronella in the layered 3-wick... they should have one to refill when the one they have is done. :)

Assume Price Changes

Every good business will take advantage of a new catalogue to change prices to stay competitive and profitable. PartyLite is no different. There may be price rises in August. Be ready for them and encourage your guests to get in with the current pricing. June and July are the last months to get products at these prices.

If You're New to PartyLite

You might be new and not have existing clients to call. THAT'S EXCELLENT. You don't need to share much about the products that are going away, because your clients have never seen them before. If they haven't seen it, it's new to them, so be excited about your catalogue and let them know about the retiring products at the party. No need to bring it up before.

HOT TIP: Use the current catalogue to really engage people to book and hold a party in June or July so that they can see this catalogue ("the best one you've ever seen").

I hope that helps. I love this time of year. Customer Service calls have incredible purpose and are easy to make. Go for no and make that call! WLC

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