Monday, April 14, 2014

Guarantee Everything

When I do a party, I always mention that absolutely everything in the catalogue is guaranteed. Not just that it will arrive beautifully boxed and in perfect condition, but also guaranteed that they will LOVE it. That it will be the perfect piece. That if they aren't 100% happy, I will be happy to exchange it for something else or refund their money.

I let them know that for 90 days after the delivery, PartyLite will support me in that guarantee. If they change their minds, there is a small shipping and handling fee. If something is our fault, we will cover all costs to make it right.

When a client wants to exchange or needs a replacement, that's simple.... First, assist the client in using the product correctly (hugging, burning long enough, moving diffusers into another space, taking out reeds, taking the little plastic knob off the spike of the Changing Seasons Lantern, etc.). Then, if you determine that the product is faulty, or if the client simply wants to exchange, you fill out a Replacement Order Form (ROF). If a shipping and handling fee applies, you have the choice whether to cover the shipping and handling fee yourself or to charge the client. (If the client decides to exchange the item, I usually get them to pay the exchange fee.) 

Here's a link to a video on how to fill out an ROF.

So what do you do if clients want their money back?

As long as you meet the 90 day time limit, you have 2 choices with a return. 

(1) Let PartyLite process it (ROF). The subsequent reduction in party sales affects your commission, host benefits, and is generally a pain. However, this may be your only option if you don't have the funds to do option #2. Be aware that if the exchange takes the compensatable sales of the host BELOW $500, then the host will lose her 20% (reduced to 15%) and will lose her eligibility for the $50 host bonus voucher. Also, your commission will be reduced and PartyLite will reverse your next profit payment accordingly.

(2) YOU give the client the money back and you now own the product. You now have the choice of whether to keep it, sell it, or exchange it with Partylite (ROF) and get something else. 


If you have exceeded the 90 day limit, you also have two choices.

(1)  YOU give the client the money back and you now own the product. You now have the choice of whether to keep it or sell it (or, if you're a leader, raffle it).

(2) You politely explain to the client that the guarantee is for 90 days from product delivery and unfortunately there's nothing you can do for them now that the 90 days has gone by.


There is no right or wrong for any of the choices I've mentioned. My choices are right for my business.

The number of times I've had to give a complete refund in the almost 9 years I've been selling PartyLite can be counted on one hand. However the number of sales I've gotten by guaranteeing that people will be 100% happy can't be measured. I'm sure it helps make sales at every single party.

I hope this helps you feel AWESOME about guaranteeing everything when you are at a party. Happy selling! 

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