Monday, April 21, 2014

Lost Training Notes

Do you take notes at meetings? I have a special notebook I take to all PartyLite meetings so I can keep all of the training notes in one place and re-read, re-inspire, and renew my business when I need to. One of our conference speakers, Terri Hawkins, gave me that advice.

But I just found a lonely piece of paper. One with some great notes on it... I'm going to capture those notes here and then recycle the page....

What meeting was it? Don't know.

How long ago? Don't know.

Who was the trainer? Don't know.

Who took the notes? Me.


  • No one will get you bookings.
  • You won't get bookings unless you change you.
  • Set a schedule, make the calls.

  1. Customer Service Calls
  2. Tealight Surveys
  3. Asking at parties

Increase your party average
  • Increase the number of guests (through consistent CARE calls)
  • Increase the average guest spend (focus on decorating and fragrance - not just candles)
  • Ask how they envisage burning the candles.
  • Upsell as good service for THEM versus higher sales for YOU.

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