Saturday, January 5, 2008

No Rest for the Motivated!

Dear Rainbows,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope the holiday season was great for you. As a group, we had another wonderful month in December. Some of you got to take the month off after the record breaking November. Well deserved!

I wanted to write you this letter to get you back into the swing in January and ready for an even bigger month of activity in February. Now is a great time to set your goals for the year and put an action plan in place to achieve them all!

January Phone Call Challenge
Sometimes the hardest part of getting started is just starting. So I thought I’d give you a challenge. Make a list of 50 people to call. Think about the hosts you had in 2007 (especially ones who qualified for the Max It! promotion), the guests who liked more than they bought, and the people on your FRANK list who haven’t been to a party yet. Seriously, write down 50 names. Then call them. Just make 5 calls each day. Keep track of who you’ve called and the results (e.g. happy with order, needed help, party confirmed in 2008, interested in learning more about the PartyLite opportunity, invited to Candlelight Night). Bring your list (whether you’ve called them all or not) and results to our Unit Meeting and there will be prizes. I’m going to do it, too!

Candlelight Night
The Sydney Candlelight Night is on Thursday, February 7 at 7:30 p.m. It will take place at the Crowne Plaza at Norwest (1 Columbia Court, Windsor Rd entrance to Norwest Business Park). Ask me about other NSW venues.

Your participation is not mandatory, but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The event is being organised and paid for by all of us (e.g. we provide a catalogue and a tealight to each of our guests, and I think we’ll each need to contribute $10 toward the room). I’ll be sending you more information in the coming weeks, and we will have a huge planning session at the Unit Meeting.

You can buy postcard invitations from me; I assume they’ll cost the same as our other invitations. Please let me know how many you need. I haven’t seen them yet, but will be getting samples early this week. I will have to order them for you and I want to bring them to our Unit Meeting. I will be sending out over 100 myself. You might only want 50. It’s a really great opportunity to show your clients what a professional company PartyLite is.

So, please write back and let me know:
  1. If you will be at our January Unit Meeting
  2. If you have registered for Success Express
  3. How many invitations you want for Candlelight night
Here’s to a great 2008! Can’t wait to see you.

P.S. Wouldn't that be a cool shirt for all of us to wear at the Conference in July?

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