Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Unit Meeting

Hi. What a great turnout for the Sparkler/Rainbow Unit Meeting. Thanks to everyone who brought guests. All of the guests have scheduled Starter Shows, so we must be doing something right. A special thanks to Nicole for sharing her experience in the Fast Track to Leadership program. Though leadership may not be for everyone, I think we all were fascinated by the information Nicole shared.

July Challenge

Ange certainly put me in my place, didn't she? Like Marty McFly, I just can't say no to a challenge. So, for those of you who weren't at the meeting, here's the July Challenge.

  1. Bonus in July ($2800 in sales - easy - just hold 5-6 shows)
  2. Hold one Starter Show in July (easy - just offer it to every host - Ange and I are happy to help with your latte appointments)
  3. Help your new consultant to be qualified by the end of August ($2000 in sales - easy - just make sure your new starter attends New Consultant Training ASAP)
  4. Have 6 shows of your own booked in August

Everyone who achieves these things gets a black PartyLite duffel/roller bag, a PartyLite Zippo lighter, and a $50 PartyLite Gift Certificate. That's from Ange and me. From PartyLite you get a minimum of 20 Share and Succeed points, bonus, a great August, 1000 points towards next year's incentive trip, and more.

Go for it! The winners will be recognised and rewarded at our September Unit Meeting.

Summer/Holiday Catalogue Information

Joining the Everyday Catalogue on August 4 will be a second catalogue: our Summer/Holiday catalogue. You will be able to pre-order the new Summer/Holiday catalogue (SKU #820008205) from July 1 - July 31. Orders will be released and should arrive (depending on your postcode) as close to Monday August 4 that we can organise. The pre-order price for the Summer/Holiday catalogue is $20.00 (25 pack).

There is also a special pre-order price of $45.00 for two packs of catalogues (2 x 25) and the new Summer/Holiday fragrance stacker. The SKU# for this promotion is #82008205C. This special will only be available until August 1, 2008.

Inspirational Quotes

Several of you asked me to recap the inspirational quotes I shared at the end of the meeting. Here they are:

"Your dream is not big enough if it doesn't scare you."
~Matthias Schmelz --- Portugal
"When an egg breaks by a power outside, a life ends. When an
egg breaks by a power inside, a life begins. Great things always begin from the power inside!"
~Author Unknown
"Don't let your history interfere with your destiny."
~Steve Maraboli


To close, the image at the top of this email was sent to me in honour of Jane McGrath. Over the years, I have done a few candle shows to raise money for breast cancer in the name of my good friend Lisa, who didn't win her fight either. I share it with you in memory of anyone you know that has been struck down by cancer.

Take a minute to think of your own friends and family everyday. Light a candle for them. Be grateful for good health and be generous to help those who aren't so lucky. If you feel like it, hold a candle party and raise some money to fight cancer. Its a great cause.

Make it a great month! Finish June strong and give our July Challenge a try. The worst you can do is build your business. :) WLC.

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