Monday, June 23, 2008

PartyLite is Too Expensive

How often do you hear people say that? They flip through the catalogue and see some of the prices and look at you with kind eyes before saying, "Wow, there are some nice things in here, but it is a bit pricey."

You know from experience that they are wrong. That PartyLite is different. That our candles and accessories are better. That our guarantee is unrivaled. That your customer service is second to none.

You need to be ready to tell people about the differences. One of the blogs I read regularly had the following to say about the matter:

[There is] No such thing as price pressure - Your sales force and your customers may scream that you need to lower your price. It's not true. You need to increase your value. If people don't want to pay, it's because you're not delivering enough value for the money you're charging. You're not selling a commodity unless you want to.
So don't sell a commodity. Sell the benefits of PartyLite. Deliver those benefits. Be confident and sure that PartyLite has the best products and is the best value in home decorating, home fragrance, personal well being, home spa, relaxation, illumination, ambiance, and customer service.

Because it is true.

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