Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PartyLite and Pandora

Dear Wendy,

Had a blow today – one of my shows has cancelled (I know this happens), but she cancelled because she has shown some catalogues around to friends and they think partylite is way too expensive and they won’t be buying. The hostess felt too, that items were too pricey, so decided to cancel. Quality items… but I was really surprised she did cancel – guess she did me a favour so that I can book in someone else!!! What do we say when people express that they think it is too expensive?

From, Wax Rocks

Dear Wax Rocks,

Just like Pandora charms, PartyLite candles cost a bit more than our competitors. Some candles are more dear, but a lot of the time, ours are more expensive. So how do great companies like Pandora and PartyLite stop people from looking at the price tag? They compete on value, quality, and service. That's what we offer!

What do I say? Well, depending on the mood and the situation I'll agree with her (that usually stops them in their tracks) and then pop a few of these little ditties into the conversation.
  • Shows are fun and informative – definitely worth having just to see what it’s all about

  • Platinum quality candles and accessories – you will be proud to have them in your home – not knick-knacks… interior decorating

  • 36 long lasting fragrances to choose from

  • Beautiful burn (they will notice the difference)

  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee

  • Successful shows across a wide variety of demographics

  • Platinum Customer Service – their own personal consultant for life… You!
I also use a FEEL, FELT, FOUND response. Something like this....
"I know exactly how you feel. I felt that way too when I first saw the catalogue. But you know what I've found? People love the parties because they learn so much about candles. They might only buy something small to get started, but I have found that they see the difference once they've been to a show. Why not get a group together and let me just give the presentation? No one has to buy. I have found that once they see the display, smell the fragrances, and learn a few tricks, you and I are likely to have a successful show."

If that doesn't work, I’d invite her to a future show and let her see what it’s all about. Tell her she doesn’t need to buy anything, but that you want her to see the show so she knows….

There are tonnes of examples of how to overcome objections in your Consultant Guide (I love that section). Have a look and practice them.

Make it a Great Day!


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