Monday, March 2, 2009

PartyLite National Conference 2009

Hello Rainbows. It is time. Time to get excited about Conference 2009!

Here are a few handy hints to keep you on track.
  1. Put it into your diary. August 6-9. Plan around the dates. Don't accept shows. Don't accept invitations. Do put in your leave forms at you other jobs. Do organise for other people to care for your little ones (and your significant others).
  2. Send in your registration now. You don't pay now and you will owe nothing at all if you need to cancel as long as you cancel in writing to Head Office by Monday July 6.
  3. Tell me you're coming. Email Wendy.
  4. Book a room. Find one (or two) roommates. Rooms are for two, but for a $45 fee you can add a third person. Don't have a roommate yet? That's OK, I will distribute a list of who's coming and who they are rooming with via email and those without roommates can buddy up.
  5. Buy your flights. There are sales all the time. I suggest you buy your tickets now to get the best fares (I'm getting mine tonight).

Here's the inside scoop:

  • Thursday - Arrive in time for registration. Go to afternoon session. Go to room and get dressed up for the Meet & Greet Party - Hooray for Hollywood! Fancy dress - we'll discuss costume ideas at future Unit Meetings! I suggest you bring some munchies to the hotel in case you're hungry - there's never enough finger food to be "dinner."
  • Friday - Eat breakfast and then go to the sessions all day. We have dinner together on Friday night with everyone under Eliana. Everyone chips in for that meal.
  • Saturday - Eat breakfast and then go to the sessions all day. Award night - time to dress up! A fab dinner is provided.
  • Sunday - Pack up all your free stuff (easier said than done), check out and go home!
Can your family come? Sure, but don't make plans to be with them much. It's full on work and play! I'm going out a day early so I can relax a bit and enjoy the spa at the hotel - there's no real time to yourself once the Conference starts. You'll love it!

Who Signed the Star?

The people listed below signed the gold star to say that they want to go to conference. Please update me and I'll keep this list current!
  1. Judy A
  2. Kylie B
  3. Di H
  4. Shell B
  5. Leanne M
  6. Libby G
  7. Sandra B
  8. Lorelei H
  9. Natasha K
  10. Michelle C
  11. Jacqueline A
  12. Nicole B (rooming with WLC)
  13. WLC (rooming with Nicole B)

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