Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ten Things You Need to Know About Starter Shows

There are really only three criteria for a show to be turned into a starter show. The first one is $550 in sales (though there are alternatives if a starter show does not reach that amount). The second is six (6) initial bookings. The third is a signed New Consultant Agreement.

Once the new consultant has achieved these three criteria, she is ready to go. If she hasn't already done it, she should sign up for New Consultant Training ASAP (within 10 days of her Starter Show).

Here are ten things you need to know about/do for Starter Shows.
  1. You need to send in the Starter Show forms via mail or fax. Starter Shows cannot be done online.
  2. You need to use a Show Order Form and tick the Starter Show box.
  3. The hostess credit is calculated differently. Take the compensatable sales and subtract $550. The amount remaining is the earned product credit. Then add the $50 bonus voucher. (Basically this means that for a starter show, she will get 50% off all purchases. Starter Shows should generally not use the 30% off option because that won't get her the best bang for her buck.)
  4. The hostess is eligible to purchase the Hostess Specials.
  5. You need to send in credit card information. You can either fax in the Guest Order Forms OR you can rewrite/retype the credit card information out and mail/fax it in on one page. I retype them to improve legibility.
  6. You need to keep an eye out on the Show Order Status to make sure the mail/fax is received. You also need to make sure that the order is being processed. PartyLite will not process the show if any of the credit cards doesn't work. They will call you if there is a problem. Call them back right away to deal with it quickly.
  7. If it hasn't already been issued (sometimes your Unit Leader can arrange a Starter Kit to be pre-issued), the Starter Kit will be sent out to the new Consultant right away - usually within 24 hours of processing the paperwork. If it has been issued, please note that on your fax cover page.
  8. Any Starter bonus products will generally be sent out with the guest orders.
  9. You need to provide your new Consultant with a list of guest orders. For a Starter Show, I usually leave one copy of the guest order forms with the host.
  10. You will not be paid the 22% profit on any Starter Show. The Compensatable Sales will count toward your total sales for the month. If you achieve bonus, you will be paid the 6% bonus on the Starter Show Compensatable sales.
Why aren't you paid for Starter Shows? Starter Shows are an investment in your business. By bringing new Consultants into the business PartyLite and you are growing your potential revenue base, so PartyLite and you both contribute to the cost of bringing on the new Consultant.

All of these details are in your Consultant Guide. I just wanted to point them out since we have so many people sponsoring these days. Good on you! Happy burning! WLC.

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  1. Do them on a spread sheet as well before writing them up... saves hours of time... I have just learnt.....

    Julie... Magical Believers.