Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Sell Our Amazing July Specials

At our Unit Meeting several really good questions came up.


What fragrances are in the three holiday mini barrel jar sets? The Answer:

  • Holiday 07 (Item 26) Iced Snowberries, Frosted Pines, Glowing Embers
  • Holiday 08 (Item #27) Sparkling Amber, Black Orchid, Mistletoe Kisses

A few of you asked me if I would share my little Tea For Two brochure with you. Hopefully I've figured out how to attach it here well enough for you. You can make your own or just use the Tea For Two coupons.


We discussed essential oils. I have followed up with Eliana on this and she reports back:

I have spoken to the office and they stated that we don’t mention essential oils for any of our Wellbeing or Fresh Home. It’s stated they are exclusive oils in the catalogue.

So please use the words "exclusive oils" in all instances.


How impressive is 30% host credit? Maybe not as impressive as our hosts getting an average of $230 in free products! Yes, the Rainbows have a $600 show average, so on average our hosts will get $600 x 30% PLUS the $50 hostess voucher.

Hi, it's Wendy the Candle Lady calling. On average my hosts will get $230 in free PartyLite products just for hosting a show in July. I have a couple of dates left, should we get the girls together for our Christmas in July specials?

Ok, now it's time for me to MAKE THAT CALL for real. See you later. Happy burning! WLC.

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