Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PartyLite USA

Hi. Occasionally I have a look at the PartyLite USA website. There are some really neat features that the PartyLite USA consultants have access to. Things like their own personal websites that fit in with the overall PartyLite brand image. I hope we get those someday.

I also know that there is some online training available in the US. The PartyLite Australia leader team has been briefed on this training and we hope it will be customised to our market and launched to us in the next few months. I expect we'll have a few surprises released at our conference training. Fingers crossed!

There are also some really neat online modules that cover the PartyLite USA opportunity. Unfortunately they are not tailored to the Aussie market, but they still pack a powerful punch. If you are looking for some inspiration about why PartyLite is still the right path for you, or if you are looking for some support as you discuss the incredible PartyLite opportunity with others, this website ( might have some things on it that you like. Click around on it and watch a few videos. They are all short and sweet.

Happy burning! WLC.

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