Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NCT #1

Welcome to the first of a series created especially for new consultants. I intend for these to be short and sweet suggestions, information, ideas, and actions to do in your first 30 days as a consultant. Perhaps you have good suggestions that I should include? Send them to me at wendy@wlcenterprises.com and I'll incorporate them into a future post.

Here are 5 things you should do when you get your PIN from PartyLite.
  1. Log into the Consultant Business Centre (from here on in, called the CBC). You can find the CBC by going to www.partylite.com.au and clicking on the consultant log-in button in the bottom left of the homepage.
  2. Click on the PartyLite learning centre and watch the Welcome to PartyLite video.
  3. Make your first consultant order online and order the $30 printed version of the Consultant Guide (NOTE: all consultant orders incur a $9 shipping and handling fee). (If you are in the Rainbows, I will reimburse you the $39 when you qualify with $2000 in sales before the end of your first business month.)
  4. Find online, print, fill out, and send in via mail or fax (1) the direct debit/credit form and (2) the Candle Connection registration. They are in the Downloadable Brochures section under Forms and Sales Aids.
  5. Add all unit meetings, training dates, and conference dates into your diary.

That's a great start!

Wendy Lloyd Curley - Independent PartyLite Consultant and Senior Unit Leader

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