Saturday, April 10, 2010

NCT #2 - Bookings

The key to this business is bookings. New consultants need to organise 6 shows in order to get started. These shows are very likely to be with friends or family as hosts. These shows should occur in a 2-3 week period. The point is to use these shows as training. Most importantly, the goal is to get 2-3 bookings form each of these shows. That way you begin to expand your business outside of your immediate circle.


1. Be honest. Put learner plates onto your display (yes, literally - they're free at the RTA) and from the beginning let people know that you are new to the company and in your training period.

2. Be yourself. If you practice your presentation a few times before you do your first shows, you'll be more relaxed at the shows and you'll be able to be yourself.

3. Be direct. Let the guests know that you'd love to get more bookings so that you can meet more people. Tell them that the best way for them to refer people to you is to host a show. Be sure to explain the host benefits during your presentation. Through our host program, most hosts get $150 in free products and qualify for savings on more.

4. Be prepared. Have your diary with you, have it marked with the days you are available, have a pencil, and have your Bonus Hostess Vouchers. (I have all of these things wherever I go - not just at shows.)

5. Be helpful. Rather than let someone struggle to choose a date or time, make suggestions.
"I find that Thursday night shows go really well - they are casual late night shopping."
"Most people have family plans or footy on the weekend, you might want to choose a Tuesday evening - that's a night most people are available."
"I suggest that your show starts at 2:00 - that's after lunch and before any night time plans."
"I suggest that your show starts at 7:30 - that's after dinner, but not too late if they have work in the morning."
6. Be relaxed. Don't take any no's personally. Don't force people into dates. Don't beg people to book. Don't worry if they don't.

7. Be inquisitive. 
"Did you see some items you like?"
"Did you learn something about candles that you didn't know before?"
"Did you have a good time?"
"Would you like to have $150 in free products by hosting a show?"
8. Be referred. When you arrive at the show, talk to your host. Ask her why she decided to host a show. Ask her if it was difficult to organise the party. Ask her if your help before the show was helpful (providing invitations, literature, and advice). Ask her what her favourite product is. Ask her which Hostess Special she would want. Then, later, in front of everyone, ask her to share those answers again. She will, in effect, be referring you to her guests.

9. Be professional. After taking orders and bookings, calculate the host benefits, take the host's order, confirm the shipping address, pack up quickly, thank everyone, congratulate and thank the host, and leave.

10. Be positive. You can do it. You have a great offer. You have great products. You have support from your leader. You have training in how to overcome objections (Section 5 of the Consultant Guide). Keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face whether people say yes, no, or not now.

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