Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to Achieve Bonus in May

Sell $2799 in a month, earn $615. (22%)

Sell $2800 in a month, earn $784. (28%)

That's $169 in BONUS MONEY!

It's that easy.

The key to bonusing each month is to book shows. With PartyLite’s 8th birthday being celebrated this month, it will be very lucrative for guests and hosts alike. So what you need to do is entice the hosts to book their shows this month. With at least 6 shows, you should bonus. If that is your target, you really should book 8 shows so that you won’t be disappointed by cancellations or postponements. Here are my hints:
  1. Have your diary with you at all times. At our April Regional Meeting we were ultra inspired by the pocket sized diary used by our top sales person, Colleen.
  2. Make that Call! Call your hosts and guests from April to make sure they are happy.
  3. Give away $50 bonus vouchers to everyone you meet with a expiration date of May 31.
  4. Book your own show and invite people as you run into them.
  5. Revisit your FRANK list and make sure everyone on it knows that you’ve started this business.
  6. Offer people the opportunity to get over $130 in free products just for hosting a show (based on a $400 show).
  7. Take outside orders.
  8. Find one networking opportunity each week in May (see this article for suggestions on how to network).
  9. Ask everyone for referrals.
  10. Treat it like a business – not a burden. Your attitude needs to be positive, passionate, and professional.
Need some personal inspiration? Take advantage of your leader and make an appointment for a free coaching session.

Get out there! WLC.

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