Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Print the PartyLite Consultant Guide

When I began my PartyLite business, we received a paper copy of the Consultant Guide. Over the first month that I was in business, I read it from cover to cover. To this day, I refer to it often: for information, for ideas, and for inspiration.

We probably asked PartyLite to provide this guide to us on a disk so that we wouldn't waste paper. However, I contend that the paper version of the guide is read, used, and important to the growth and development of our consultants, new and experienced.

For my Unit, I'm going to look into the cost of printing the guide myself, but it seems to me that the $30 investment to buy the printed guide from PartyLite is money very well spent. As I've said in previous posts, if any new Rainbow buys the guide and qualifies in her first business month, I'll reimburse the $30.

We've improved our New Consultant Training tremendously over the last five years, and I think we need to reintroduce the printed consultant guide into the starter kit to make it even better.

What do you think? Can I start a movement?

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  1. I agree Wendy a printed copy of the guide is needed. I printed it out myself and placed it in a folder I had, but 1of my consultants took the disk to a local printer, it cost her $15.00 to have it printed and bound with a spiral spine.