Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hostess Packs

Hostess coaching is an important part of your business. One element in that process is the hostess pack.

What do you send you a hostess who has booked a show?

Here's what I send:
  • A letter from me with hints and tips for a great show. This letter is signed and also includes the day, date, and time for her show.
  • A copy of the guest specials
  • A copy of the host specials
  • 20 postcard invitations
  • 3 order forms
  • 1 set of catalogues
  • 1 Discover PartyLite brochure. I use the brochure as a folder with everything else inside.
I do not use the hostess envelope provided by PartyLite; my letter says everything the hostess envelope says about how to have a successful show. I have found that the personal letter with my writing on it, combined with my phone calls to follow-up on the hostess pack, is effective. I do think the hostess envelope might be just as effective, but I encourage you to personalise it for each hostess before sending it.

There is a lot more to hostess coaching than this, but this is what I include in a hostess pack.

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