Monday, November 10, 2008

Inactive? Get off the couch!


Inactive Consultants are a natural part of a business. Circumstances come up where you simply don't do shows and your business starts to dwindle. After a few months, you notice that your Reflections stops coming in the mail. Maybe you try to log into the CBC to order some candles, but you can't log in.

It's OK. You're still a Consultant. You just need to kick start your business again to re-activate.

What Happens When I'm "Inactive"?

When you are inactive:
  • You do not receive Reflections.
  • You cannot log into the Consultant Business Centre (our consultant website).
  • You do not receive regular emails from your leader (because your name moves to an inactive list).
  • You cannot place Consultant orders (unless you contact your leader and inform her/me that you are re-activating and need to restock catalogues and wax for your shows.
If you hold or host a show while you are inactive, you need to know two things:
  1. the show must reach $500 in sales, and
  2. the show must be submitted by mail or fax.
If the show doesn't reach $500 in sales, you need to collect outside orders to bring it up to the $500 level. Wendy special: If you cannot get it to the $500 level, contact me, and either your Sponsor or I will put the order in for you as a dovetail. You'll get the hostess benefits and 40% of the profit.

Once you submit that $500 show, you will be active in the system again for another 3 months. You will not be an "active" Consultant for promotions unless you submit $900 in a business month, but you will be active in the system.

Restarting your Business

If you decide to restart your business, you should go back and do all of the things you did to start in the first place. Go to your FRANK list and your client list and organise 6 shows in 2 weeks. Use the $50 booking vouchers to entice people. Host your own show. Have your calendar in order, and be ready to take more bookings at every show you do.

You are also welcome to attend a New Consultant Training to brush up on your skills, to reset your goals, and to reinvigorate your drive.

The most important part is to remember that it's your business. Sometimes that means playing the boss and giving yourself some basic jobs to get back on track.

I'm happy to help. Just call. WLC.

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