Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rainbows vs Ignite: Rawhide!

Hello Rainbows. I know not all of our readers are Rainbows, so please excuse this Unit specific communique.

We have been challenged.

Last night, at the Leader meeting, it was like an old western showdown. Eliana and I stared each other down, circled each other with our hands just near our holsters, and slowly watched the sweat drip from each others foreheads as the dry, dusty air swirled around us. I got the first round off with a little bit of recognition from Jenny. Yes, the Rainbows had once again beaten the mighty Ignite.

But could we do it a third time?

Eliana smiled with confidence; sure that her Unit was capable of reincarnating its former glory. Cocky, even. She started rattling off statistics about how much they had sold last November.

I countered.

She then changed direction and came after our sponsoring record. Claiming that her precious Ignite would beat us there, too. Little does she know that we've been plotting. We've been training. We've been practicing. We've been looking for interesting people to join our tribe. Our team. Our lifestyle.

The whole room watched as the challenges and one-upmanship continued.

We turned away from each other and took our paces. Now, we're standing in the middle of a dusty road with our backs to each other, separated by 10 paces, in a town filled with candle lovers. With our hands itching to pull out the big guns so when we turn around to shoot, we'll see who ends up on top.

Who will win?

In the end, we'll both win. In fact, we'll all win. But man I love a challenge. Never call me yellow.

Rawhide! Go get 'em!

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  1. From Eliana:

    Dear Ignite.

    Please open Wendy’s Blog and we have been challenged... Yes for two months running Rainbows have risen and stayed on top. Can we get our glory back. The challenge is on....last year we sold $80000 in November, tradition is we have never sold under the previous year. Can we beat it and can we knock off Rainbows success....

    We’ll yes it would be great to have our record back, I’m so proud to see another unit like Rainbows excel.

    Let’s go do all the customer service calls you need to make sure your customers have all the wax they need before Xmas. Service them like you have never serviced before. Book those shows so that you have the income you need before the Xmas break. Go for it you have nothing to lose....

    with kindest regards

    Eliana Scott