Monday, November 24, 2008

Get Over $500 For Every New Sponsor

As part of my ongoing personal development, I have subscribed to Mary Christensen's Monday Mentor. I get a fortnightly email from Mary with some great tips and hints for developing my network marketing business. It's a paid subscription, and I'm not allowed to forward it to you; you have to subscribe for yourself if you want it.

In the most recent issue, Mary asked a question that I thought I'd share with you.

What if I offered to give you $500 for every person you sponsor?

Would you be more inclined to promote the business opportunity if I were to give you $500 for every Consultant you bring to PartyLite? Well, you might be interested to know that if you make Sponsoring a priority, you'll probably get more than $500 per person over a year.

Follow my logic:

  1. Say the average Consultant does 2 shows per month.
  2. We know average show sales are $500. (Rainbows average is over $600.)
  3. Therefore, the average annual sales per Consultant is $12,000.
  4. PartyLite Profit for Unit Leaders is 6%.
  5. 6% of $12,000 is $720

There's no secret to how much I make as your Unit Leader. On top of my personal profit and bonus, as a Unit Leader I make 6% of our total Unit Sales. You can do the math. Just think about what that means to my income as I sponsor more and more people. I guarantee I've earned more than $500 per person I've sponsored. That's why sponsoring is a priority for me.

The best part about Sponsoring is that while it helps build my business, it also starts someone else on the path. Whether they are involved to make a few extra dollars, to be more socially active, to develop confidence, or to change their career path... I know PartyLite gives everyone involved the opportunity to grow and shine.

You have to admit, it's a pretty cool business. With good training and support, and with you leading by example, the people you sponsor will be making money for themselves from the beginning and over time, you will reap the rewards, too.

  • PartyLite wins - because the word gets out about PartyLite products
  • The new Consultant wins - because she makes money from the beginning
  • You win - because you grow your team

Go for it! If you want coaching, just let me know. That's how I earn my 6%. :) WLC.

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