Friday, January 23, 2009

How to get 2009 products... cheap!

Hi. Several of you have asked me to give you the best and cheapest ways for you to get some 2009 product into your hands. Here are my thoughts:
  1. Sponsor someone and get $300 in gift certificates when they qualify in their first business month.

  2. Magic Tealight - If you have earned one, host a $550 show of your own before January 31 (by COB on Friday the 30th), select the Magic Tealight promotion pack of your choice, and take the product credit in gift certificates. Use those gift certificates on new product in February.

  3. Host a show of your own on February 1 and use the product credit (30%!) for new product.

  4. Purchase host specials at 50% off or other products at 40% off using a consultant order.

  5. Come to the Plan to Shine training and you’ll get one new item. RSVPs have closed.

  6. Come to the Unit Meeting next Wednesday (28/1/09) and you might win a new item in the raffle!

My best advise... become a leader! We get free product at every launch and we were given access to the new items in January. Join me!

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