Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Sell the PartyLite Baby Elephant

Hi. First some housekeeping: the CHFA09 code has to be used when you place an order and you can use that code only on Show Orders as a Guest Purchase. You cannot use that code for Host credit, Gift certificates and Consultant orders.

Second, how to sell the Baby Elephant.

Having it there helps. I have done 5 shows. 2 with the tent card only (sold no Baby Elephants) and 3 with the Baby Elephant and the tent card (sold 2).

When I mentioned the Baby Elephant, this is how my wording has developed over the five shows.
This cute Baby Elephant tealight holder is our charity piece. For an additional $5 PartyLite will donate $3.50 to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Australia and he will be upgraded to include a dozen French Vanilla tealights. He is a beautiful piece, can be displayed alone or with his momma, and would make a fantastic gift to any collector.

If you don't want to purchase the Baby Elephant, you can still choose to donate to the Children's Hospital Foundation and I can easily add your donation to your order.
I'm sure this will keep changing as I see what works, but I do think it is nice to highlight the charity and the Baby Elephant. I like the word upgraded. Happy selling!

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