Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rainbows Membership Cards

Lorelei just earned a point. She sent me a beautiful set of images of a Lavender display that she has done at home.

You can't necesarily just send me a picture and get a point. She did something out of the blue, creative, and worth sharing. I'm sure you will, too.

More importantly, she didn't expect to get a point. :)

Introducing Rainbows Membership Cards

I have created cute little Rainbows Membership Cards. Obviously, these are for Rainbows. If you're not a Rainbow, sorry, you can't have one. :(

You earn one point on your card for each of the following things:

  • Attend a meeting for which you have RSVPed
  • Bring a guest to a meeting or event (two points for each guest)
  • Attend a training session
  • Do a presentation at a meeting
  • Bring a placemat display to a meeting
  • Bonus
  • Sponsor
  • Contribute an article or story to this website (a good one, of course)
Every 10 points earned gets a prize and a new Rainbows Membership Card. Collect filled cards for a fantastic raffle at our Holiday Party in December. Points earning begins today. Go for it! WLC.

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