Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wendy's February Kit

Hi. For years, Eliana has told us that she prepares a monthly kit. She says that it helps her to get bookings for the next month because people want to see the next set up.

I've decided to do this for 2009. Here is the kit I've prepared for February. 10 pieces with wax/oil.

  1. Gold Mosaic Hurricane w/Gold Universal Tealight Tree ($149.95)
  2. Scents of Ambiance Herbal Leaves ($34.95) w/ Herbal Mint Fragrance Oil ($39.95)
  3. Iced Crystal Trio ($74.95)
  4. Sabor Isleno Aroma Melts Warmer ($44.95)
  5. Symmetry 3 in 1 Holder ($79.95) w/ Brown Accents ($19.95)
  6. Essence of Lavendar Guest Soaps ($34.95) and Mini Barrel Jar ($16.95)
  7. Linear Lites Votive Pair ($51.95)
  8. City Lights Multi Tealight Centrepiece ($72.95) w/ Agave Nectar Woodgrain Pillar ($39.95)
  9. Coconut Chocolate Mousse Just Desserts Blend 3-wick Jar ($44.95)
  10. Thai Inspiration Pillar Sleeve, Medium ($ 49.95) w/ 12cm White Gardenia Truffle Pillar ($18.95)

Notice that I've included pillars, tealights, votives, aroma melts, reed diffusers, and personal products (the soaps). I can demonstrate everything and give them a good foundation in candle care. I can show them how everything works, and the high quality of our product line. I have the CHFA tent card on my desplay so that I am sure to mention the Baby Trumpeting Elephant and the special charity offer.

Planning Ahead

My March display will be different, but will likely include the Symmetry 3 in 1 and the Iced Crystal Trio. I will pay attention to the Hostess Specials for April when I select my March items.

What are you doing?

I'd love to have you send me a photo of your kit with a typed out list of what is in it. It's good research for your shows and good to help you get to know the new catalogue. If you do, I'll post it to this blog and share your creativity and organisation with others. Share! Send to: wendy [at] wlcenterprises [dot] com. See ya!

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