Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raising Money for Charities

With the Victorian Fires and the Queensland flooding, lots of you are asking me about fundraisers. PartyLite Australia’s official fundraising is done for the CHFA. Officially, PartyLite encourages us to do all we can to support that charity at our shows. Any additional fundraising is done and funded by the Consultants themselves.

I do heaps of fundraisers. You can do it a variety of ways (or combinations therein):

  • Sell raffle tickets to guests and raffle off the hostess benefits. Donate the raffle ticket earnings to the charity. (No cost to you.)
  • Donate cash to the value of the product credit earned. I keep the product credit for myself. (You can only use the GCs for product so are giving up your 40% discount.)
  • Donate an item to a mystery raffle. (Cost of item.)
  • Pre-purchase some raffle prizes with your own cash and then make up gift baskets to be raffled off. Take the product credit to pay yourself back for the expense. (Pre-pay for gifts but you get it back – you give up your 40% discount – also you are guessing at the dollar amount of the product credit)
  • Offer to donate some of your commission to support the fundraiser (Suggest you make it a percentage of sales to encourage people to buy big).
  • Offer a 10% cash donation for all outside orders brought to the show (decide if you be giving that from your commission and replacing it with product credit or just giving it from your commission)

Those are just a few ideas. Make sure to balance your giving with your income. Only give what you intend to give. Most often I give them the product credit in cash, take the product credit for myself, and give up my 40% discount when I use the GCs. I have lots of gift certificates from sponsoring people and I do use those for nice raffle prizes which I’m happy to donate.

FYI, I have decided to donate 10% of my profits in May to Susan G Komen for the Cure. Why May? Because I will be out of town all but 8 days and I want those 8 days to be filled with bookings. Why Susan? Because that cause is important to me. Why 10%, because I thought that would be a good number.

It’s all up to you. Be creative, but don’t give up everything. Make it worth your while. WLC.

P.S. You might have read on the CBC that PartyLite has made a substantial donation to the Red Cross on behalf of all Consultants. Yay!

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