Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Add it up!

Vietnam! Have you looked at the website for the hotel we'll be staying in? Go on. Have a look. There's music on the site, so if you're in an office, you might turn down the volume.

Some of you are looking at the website and saying, "I wish I could go, but I won't get there." And with an attitude like that, you're right.

So change your attitude. :)

Take Some Action

I've been making calls for our September 1st Decorate, Celebrate, Illuminate product launch at Parramatta RSL. Some are very excited - I'm sending them tickets. Most people I call cannot come, but they want to see the new catalogue. For VIPs, I'm posting them out liberally, and for other clients I'm suggesting that they host a show so I can send them a hostess pack with both catalogues. I'm also inviting them to my own home show later this month. (If they insist, I'm sending them a catalogue, too, but you can bet that I'm keeping track of them and will follow up in a week or two to get either a show or an order.)

But here's the cool thing. I'm also taking orders.

"I've been meaning to call you" or, "I was thinking about you the other day" are words I've heard from lots of clients. Thank goodness I called them!

But none of them needed $150 worth. What was I to do?

One solution: Three clients all needed tealights in one suburb, so you know what I did? I submitted the $174 order and gave the product credit to one lucky lady who will be receiving the delivery. That's my way of paying her for calling the other two and arranging pickup.

Another solution: I'll put in an order myself and deliver the items over a fortnight. Some people might come to me to pick up the orders. Regardless, I'll give great customer service and hopefully get some good face to face time with clients I wouldn't have gotten to see otherwise. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

The best part is that I've got happy clients. The second best part is that I get double points for Vietnam in August, so I've just gotten another 348 points. Yippee! It all adds up!

I think I'll go make more calls.... Tạm biệt! ("Bye for now!")

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