Monday, August 10, 2009

Conference Reflections

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Every year that I attend PartyLite's Annual Conference, I am inspired by the stories from my peers and amazed by the generosity of the company. Not particularly for the free products that we receive (though bringing home over $400 of products from the new catalogue will help my business a lot), but for the information and inspiration that they shower upon us. I don't usually take many notes, I prefer to listen closely and let it all sink in. Here are a few things I remember very clearly because they were so powerful that I wrote them down.

1. Eliana had five show tips for us as we launch the supplementary catalogue with the everyday: (1) keep it simple (perfect 10), (2) use three placemat settings, (3) display in simple groups representing about $150 in product each, (4) show off our product versatility wherever possible, and (5) use your display to emphasise the hostess benefits.

2. Dracy took it one step further. Offer our beautiful products at full price. Offer each setting to future hosts who want to collect the whole table for free by hosting 3-4 shows. And offer impatient people (who want it all now) the opportunity to do a six show trial and get the whole table full for free. That was a WOW for me and I'm going to say something like that at every show.

3. Duplication is the key to succeeding grandly in this business. If you sponsor 1 person this month, and if she and you both sponsor one person in September, and if the four of you sponsor one person in October, and if the eight of you sponsor one in November, and if the 16 of you sponsor one person in December, and if the 32 of you sponsor one person in January, and if the 64 of you sponsor one person in February.... Well, you can see the power of duplication. Not only would you have an impressive downline, you would be a Unit Leader, you would be earning your personal commission and 6 % of what your downline sells, and surely 5 of your personal sponsors would have qualified in their first business month, so you would have lots of points to go to Vietnam. You would indeed be succeeding grandly.

I read my Reflections from cover to cover last night. You should get it early this week. Janelle has written some great training inside. The back cover has an article by Debbie Phoenix that all of us should read several times. Debbie is an inspiration. I am so happy that she shares her ideas and her knowledge so freely with everyone.

The Rainbows Unit has plenty to be proud of. Eliana gave us some regional recognition that, to be honest, surprised and delighted me. We had the highest regional sales and the highest regional sponsoring of all the Units under Eliana. We even beat Eliana's Unit, Ignite, which is the first time that has ever happened. I am so proud of the Rainbows and so happy that our successes have been recognised. There are beautiful awards filling up my new office. And plenty more to come, I'm sure!

Each year, the Butterfly Ceremony is a special tradition for new Unit Leaders. I was honoured to escort Nicole to the stage and to light her Unit Leader candle. It would make me incredibly proud to do the same for every member of the Rainbows. Leadership with PartyLite can make you as happy, proud, and financially independent as I am... and more.

Our guest speaker, Lisa McInnis-Smith, was an absolute show-stealer. Her messages to us were ones we can and will take into our daily lives as women, wives, mothers, employees, and PartyLite Consultants. If she sold DVDs of her presentations, I'd buy them to share with you all. I sincerely hope that you get to see her one day. Everyone could use a little Lisa!

So I'm back on the ground and putting my nose to the grindstone. August has brought me a new catalogue, double points for Vietnam, cool candle weather, and a heap of new words and ideas for shows. I'm going to make that call everyday and grow my business. If RVP is the place to be, I want to be there. And if I have to put a date on it, why not make it there within 12 months? Well there, I've done it. I've put it in writing. I know where I'm going. Who's coming with me? :)

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