Friday, August 21, 2009

Paraffin Wax

Did you see the article about paraffin wax in the Thursday Telegraph? I actually had a client call me on Thursday morning to tell me about it. I didn't panic. I hope you didn't either.

Be in the know and you will be able to handle customer questions, concerns, and challenges. I implore you not to argue with clients. Inform them. Here is some official information I have just received from PartyLite. I encourage you to read it thoroughly and make sure you understand it. You don't need to know the science. You need to know the right words if questions come up.
We had a few queries about the article in "The Telegraph" which stated the following:

"Burning candles made from paraffin wax –– the most common kind used to infuse rooms with romantic ambiance, warmth, light, and fragrance –– is an unrecognized source of exposure to indoor air pollution, including the known human carcinogens, scientists are reporting. Levels can build up in closed rooms, and be reduced by ventilation, they indicated. The researchers say said that that candles made from bee's wax or soy, although more expensive, apparently are healthier. "

Toxins are emitted from all burning things. Paraffin and soy release almost exactly the same ingredients in the same amount when burned. The amount of toxins released by a candle are far below any level that is a concern to health. A study conducted on behalf of all the candle associations in the world demonstrated that fact. The summary of the report can be found at:

My presentation (and my candle burning habits) will change very little as a result of the article. I hope you will call me if you are uncomfortable in addressing this issue so you can develop your own words with truth and confidence.

Happy (and healthy) burning! WLC.

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