Friday, August 21, 2009

Once You Get On a Roll....

Wow. I've just been making some calls to invite clients to our upcoming Decorate Celebrate Illuminate night (I'm calling it our Customer Appreciation Night). What a pleasure it's been.

It's interesting, isn't it? The feeling of inviting someone to an event where it's all about them has made these calls easy. I feel like I'm giving back a small bit to people who have given me so much.

I'm calling to invite you to the launch of our supplemental summer/holiday catalogue. It's an opportunity for you to see all of the new product ranges. We're offering champagne on arrival and we'll have some fantastic raffle prizes to raise money for Children's Hospital Foundations Australia. No formal presentations, just tables of beautiful products and an opportunity to see them all live and in person. Would you like me to send you some tickets for you and a friend?

The response is quite good. Much, much better than I've ever gotten with my emails and post. Even written invitations didn't get as good a response as I'm getting now.

And you know what? I'm enjoying making the calls. I've developed a pattern and have a process so I know who I've called and what my action is. It's working!

I have hundreds of clients, so this will take me awhile. I want to have all of these calls done by next Wednesday and then I'll prepare my reminder SMS for the day before the event and the day of.

I hope I've inspired you. Call me if you want to know my process - it's working a treat. :) WLC.


  1. I must say, I was feeling rather discouraged because I am new and my upline may as well be in Australia. I have a few (3 possibly 4) events over the next month. My next scheduled Hostess event is on Sunday and I sent an FB message and email to her - no response. I phoned her yesterday - no response. I took your suggestion and sent an SMS - she replied! All confirmed. Now I can focus on getting bookings from these events.

    Any suggestions?

    I just know I'll hear "no one will buy after the holidays" or "call me in February"

    Delving back in to your blog archives.


  2. Ok - first of all, you need to change your attitude before you make the calls. "I just know I'll hear "no one will buy after the holidays" or "call me in February" won't work. :)

    Here's an article about how to make client calls that might resonate with you:

    Here's another hint. Don't make calls to get something for YOU. Make calls to give something to THEM.

    If they don't accept your offer - that's OK. You don't buy something every time you walk into a store. But if you're treated nicely and like the prodycts, you come back when you want something.

    Oh - one last thing.... Call me in February is a fabulous result. They asked you to call them. Make sure you do.... :)

    Be happy and don't give up. WLC.