Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11 - Reality

When you are in a room surrounded by PartyLite leaders, you catch a fever. A good fever. One where you know everyone is winning. Everyone has a success story. Everyone has a passion for what we do. Everyone is striving for the same thing.

It's a warped reality.

When you leave, you want that fever to continue. You want your family to catch it. You want your friends to feel it. You want your hosts to believe in it. And you see the potential for infection in almost every one you meet.

Well, I'm back in reality. And in the real world I now just need to apply what I've learned without the rest of the world wanting to put me into a quarantine (or a straight-jacket).

I can do it.

OK - just a little bit of information about what I did today.
  1. I looked at iMac computers to see if I should buy one. I decided not to go with the iMac, and instead I am buying a new laptop. Why? Because while I was a Summit, our home PC died. (Yes, everything is backed up. Phew!)
  2. I contacted everyone who has left me messages over the weekend. Three shows have now converted from physical shows to book shows. Another has been cancelled altogether, but I have made a commitment to make it into a book show anyway. I am sure that the people in that circle will love getting a call from me.
  3. I submitted a $552 show sent to me over the weekend. This is the third year in a row this lady has taken advantage of the Magic Tealight promotion. She is addicted. I love her.
  4. I made appointments with a few Rainbows. (Just so you know, I will be calling each Rainbow in January to make sure I understand your goals for 2010. Whether your goals are small or grand, I want to understand them so that I can support you.)
  5. I delivered an order to a lady who ordered from a home show in December. She had left the country before the order arrived. She is happy.
  6. I looked up my Sponsoring statistics for the first half this year (Recognition YTD). I was awarded a certificate at Summit for achieving the halfway mark for Sponsorning Excellence Level 1. However, I was pretty sure I did not have the six consultants qualified. I was right. The certificate was not earned and I'll give it back. (I now want to achieve the Sponsorning Excellence Level 1 even more.)
  7. I sent three host packs out.
So I had to borrow computers to accomplish a lot of this, but I made it happen.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm excited to make calls. In the morning, I'm going to revisit my big to do list for the month and make sure I'm on track.

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