Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5 - Yes, Really... Start the Month this Week

Hi. Just in case you haven't been to this website before, I usually don't write in it everyday. I just decided that it might be a good idea to motivate myself (and maybe my unit) by sharing my daily activities in January 2010.

Following up with clients early this month is paying off. I've had cancellations, people change to book parties (which means I can do another show on those dates), and I've also revved up a few people. These are all good things. Better for me to deal with them now and adjust my strategies accordingly.

I've just found a cool website where I can upload pdf documents and share them easily. I've uploaded the discontinued items there. I hate sending files in emails when I can send a link to a file instead. You can use these links too. Here they are:

Last chance to buy some of your favourites in January!
Click here to see the PartyLite Everyday 2009 Products Being Retired
Click here to see the PartyLite Summer/Holiday 2009 Products Being Retired

But please don't think that sending that list will get her attention all by itself. If you are going to send out the lists, you should also Make that Call to follow-up. Just let her know that you sent the list as a courtesy because some really nice items are being phased out and you don't want her to be disappointed later.

This morning I'm training a new consultant over the phone. This afternoon/evening, I'm going to make some more phone calls. Yes, Wendy... Make that Call!

What's on your to do list?

Make it a great day. WLC.

Wendy Lloyd Curley - PartyLite Senior Unit Leader
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