Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21 - Being Proactive

Today I ran out of tickets for the upcoming (sold out) Sydney "Experience the Difference" Roadshow. The people I've invited are incredibly happy. I wish I had 20 more tickets. Maybe 30 more.

As an Independent PartyLite Consultant, it is my job to buy my tickets for my clients. It's my job to call my clients and invite them to the event with enthusiasm. It's my job to order new literature and new fragrance pots. I make calls. I meet new people. I am proactive.

Yesterday I sent out an email invitation to my home show. I have had a fantastic response. I have over $300 in orders already. Today I called more Rainbows to talk about 2010. Tonight I have a show. I am really looking forward to it because the host told me yesterday that she is excited.

Do you have a "should do" list in your head or a "to do" list on paper?

Are you being proactive about your candle business?

Wendy Lloyd Curley - Independent PartyLite Consultant and Senior Unit Leader
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