Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6 - A Few Humble Suggestions

How can you kick start your business in 2010?

I just watched a video with 3 simple suggestions. (1) Call your clients and friends and ask them for some referrals. (2) Contact someone you look up to in your business and ask her to mentor you. (3) Invite a friend to come to a show with you and get some feedback from her about how your proesentation can be improved. I think those are pretty good ideas.

I also think that you could use some personal motivation. This daily dose of me might be enough, but, you might need a few different perspectives. So go get yourself a book or two. I can suggest one that will be quick to read and will help you think about this business as a business: The Skinny On Direct Sales. Another one I strongly recommend is Mary Christensen's Be a Network Marketing Superstar.

And finally, two events that I can't recommend highly enough are:
  • Experience the Difference Roadshow
    Sydney - Monday, February 1
    Brisbane - Wednesday, February 3
    Other capital cities as applicable
    Tickets available from PartyLite Consultants (order form here)

  • Mary Christensen in Australia
    Sydney - February 11
    Melbourne - February 22
    Brisbane - February 24
    Tickets available from the DSWA (click here)
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