Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18 - Monday Monday

Hi! Hope you had a great weekend. I've talked to a few Rainbows over the past few days and I'm really excited about your plans for 2010. It's exciting to have goals and work towards them.

My business? Well, today I'll be submitting 2 shows from the weekend, sending out 4 host packs for new bookings, calling 10 clients about the soon to be discontinued Thai Pillar Sleeves, and continuing my calls with Rainbows. I'm also going to send out an invitation to my Saturday afternoon home show. (You're invited to come, too - I'll have a table filled with old stock available at at least 50% off. Write me if you want the details.)

My life? I'm going to take my Golden Retriever for a walk around the bay, practice my guitar, and see Avatar in 3D.

Make it a great day. Do you have a to do list?

P.S. This morning, I posted on Profitable Party Plan - I think you'll like it and I'd LOVE your comments.

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